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If I am a single traveller, what can I arrange for my trip?

Our package tour groups are a mix of single travellers, couples, families and friends. Single travellers can choose between paying a supplement for a single room, or paying the twin price and sharing with another traveller of the same sex. If you’re willing to share, but in the final we cannot match you with another traveller, you will use a single room with paying a supplement.

How fit do you have to be?

Most of our tours are suited to anybody with normal fitness. Walkings are common in all of our itineraries. Some of our trips feature long drives or more basic accommodation, this will be clearly marked on the tour itinerary.

What to eat in Ho Chi Minh City?

At Viet-circle Travel, we are keen to provide you as rich an array of culinary opportunities as possible. We choose unique clean and safe local food/ restaurants for you. Our tour guide will be absolutely willing to take you through all favourite dishes.

For the tourists who just need the basic accommodation; what would be your suggestion for them?

Our suggestion for the tourists who prefer simplicity is Standard Hotels.
We will choose a placement depending on personal request, example: Hotels rooms in a quiet street far away from city center. Customers just need to inform us before their arrival.

What is the accommodation norm in Vietnam?

Our hotel selection is based on atmosphere, location, friendly service and special features. We have 4 classifications for hotel categories as follows: Budget hotels: Worthy of 2 to under 3*** international comparison. Basic accommodation, A/C, satellite T.V, restaurant for breakfast, IDD phone at reception.

Why are entrance fees not included in the tour price?

Some travelers do not participate in all sightseeing; you will only pay for sightseeing you actually undertake.

“Seat in Coach Tour”: Why are most meals not included in the tour price?

By not including meals, we let you choose what you would like to eat and give you the freedom to explore on your own. Eating is one of the highlights of traveling and travelers enjoy foods by their own taste, so your mealtimes are as flexible as possible and our tour guides will recommend you the valuable information about local cuisines